Abdominal Pain

What is abdominal pain?

-Abdominal pain may be discomfort that occurs anywhere between the chest area and pelvic region. People commonly refer to it as a belly ache or stomachache. It presents in many different forms such as burning, cramping, discomfort and bloating. Abdominal pain may be sharp, dull, localized, diffuse, constant, intermittent and radiating. May be associated with diarrhea, constipation, fever, chills and nausea. 

What are causes of abdominal pain?

-Abdominal pain may be due to excess gas, infections, obstruction or inflammation in any of the organs in your abdominal cavity. Gastrointestinal organs that are located in your abdominal cavity include small and large intestines, stomach, pancreas, appendix, gallbladder and liver. Some examples of causes for abdominal pain are listed below.

  • -Diarrhea

  • -Constipation

  • -Helicobacter Pylori

  • -Stomach & Small bowel ulcers

  • -Acid Reflux Disease 

  • -Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

  • -Celiac Disease 

  • -Diverticulitis 

  • -Pancreatitis

  • -Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • -Gallbladder infection & stones 

  • -Gastritis

  • -Ulcerative colitis

  • -Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • -Excessive Gas Production 

When to see a Doctor?

-Mild pain commonly will go away on its own, but a visit to the doctor is almost always warranted. An immediate visit to the Emergency Room may be needed if severe, associated with trauma, fever, chills, SOB, rapid hear rate and/or with chest pressure/pain. 

-Make an appointment to see a local Queens Gastroenterologist if you have symptoms that persists for more than 24 hours or have any other concerns and questions.  

How is the cause of abdominal pain diagnosed?

-Dr. Aviles and Dr. David Tenembaum use a series of tests to diagnose the cause of abdominal pain which begin with an extensive physical examination helping us understand the location and severity of the pain assisting us determine what further tests to order. Common tests used to help are MRI, CT, ultrasounds, endoscopy and colonoscopy. Blood work and stool studies are also commonly obtained to assess evidence of inflammation, infection, bacteria and parasites. 

83 million Americans indicate that pain affects basic functioning in their everyday lives

Concerning symptoms include fever, chills, SOB, rapid heart rate and chest pressure

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