What is Gastritis?

-Gastritis is defined as inflammation of the lining of the stomach, it is due to a reaction from an underlying condition, its not on its own a medical diagnosis.

What causes Gastritis?

-There are many different causes of gastritis, common causes include the following:


  • Medications

  • Smoking

  • Excessive alcohol intake 

  • Helicobacter Pylori

  • Irritable bowel

  • Stress

  • Certain foods

  • High levels of acid production

  • High levels of bile production


What are the Symptoms of Gastritis?

-Symptoms can range from mild to severe and short term vs long. The most common symptom is upper abdominal pain, others symptoms may include:


  • Heartburn

  • Nausea

  • Bloating

  • Early Satiety

  • Halitosis

  • Loss of appetite

  • Abdominal distention

  • Indigestion

  • Hiccups

  • Burping

  • Belching

  • Upset stomach

  • Diarrhea

How do I know if I have Gastritis?

-The diagnosis is made by upper endoscopy which involves a thin tube inserted through your mouth down into your stomach to look at the stomach lining. A biopsy, which is a tiny piece of tissue sample is taken and sent to our laboratory to help determine the etiology.  

What are the treatments for Gastritis?

-Treatment is based on the underlying cause, options include antacids, antibiotics, cessation of smoking, avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, changes in diet and avoiding foods that trigger symptoms. 

What are some complications of Gastritis?

-Complications for gastritis thankfully are not common. If ignored for a long period of time it can lead to anemia, ulcers and gastric lymphomas. Consult Dr. David Tenembaum for further medical advise.

The treatment of Gastritis is based on the underlying issue

Complications for gastritis are rare, if ignored it may lead to ulcers, anemia or lymphomas

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